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                                Countries with just stand, stand to strong, the development of the enterprise to must have strong human resources as a guarantee, humanistic management is the priority of development of transmission jiuzhou.We see the quality of talents ", heavy ability, be effect ".Human resource is the enterprise is the most important strategic resources, we pay attention to highly educated talents, pay more attention to human skills training, pay attention to team of employees, and ensuring cultivation talent on the basis of total amount, pay attention to the quality of talents reserves of ascension and potential development, in the construction of the talents team do a batch of, cultivation and development, a batch of a batch of reserves.And we know to attract talents, USES the good person talent, training talents and keep talents is the core of enterprise in the cultivation of the productive forces.Strengthen the talent of high technical ability training and introduction of the talent of high technical ability, the talent team as the important part of the construction, to create a people-oriented title, not only qualifications, not only identity, respect for labor, for knowledge, for ability and for creating good atmosphere.Around the management, professional and technical personnel, the marketing personnel and technical workers four teams and classification, partial training, and constantly improve the quality of talents.  
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