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                                Industry dynamics  

                              China gear industry will maintain double-digit growth
                              Publisher:網站管理員 Time:2011/8/17 Click times:4158

                              Recently from the China General Machinery Industry Association reduction gearbox Branch learned that, with further national efforts to increase infrastructure in recent years, China's gear industry has been rapid development. Reduction gearbox according to branch of statistics, last year, the industry produced a total of 450,000 gear, sales income of 20 billion and exports about $ 100 million. Experts predict that the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, as the country's overall economic development, gear industry's total economic growth rate will reach double digits.
                              Reducer in China's development for nearly 40 years of history, is widely used in the national economy and defense industry fields. Products from the original single cycloid reducer, to the present five categories of products that cycloid reducer, continuously variable transmission, gear reducer, worm gear, electric drum. According to preliminary statistics, the relatively large amount of gear the industry are: electrical machinery, metallurgical machinery, environmental protection machinery, electronic appliances, road construction machinery, chemical machinery, food machinery, light machinery, mining machinery, transportation machinery, construction machinery, building materials machinery, cement machinery, rubber machinery, irrigation machinery, petroleum machinery, gear products used in these industries accounted for the number of industries across the country use the gear about 60% to 70%.
                              "15" period, since the country adopted a proactive fiscal policy, boosting domestic demand, fixed asset investment increased, the development of the industry into the fast lane. In particular, infrastructure investments, metallurgy, electric power, construction machinery, building materials, energy, accelerated development, and therefore, the demand for gear and gradually expanded. Expected to "Eleventh Five-Year" period, as the country's attention on the machinery manufacturing industry, major equipment and speed up the process of urban renewal, venue construction and other projects started, reducer market prospects, the industry will maintain rapid development trend, especially the growth of the gear reducer will be greatly improved, which is mostly imported equipment supporting the use of the gear reducer. Therefore, industry experts hope the development and manufacturing companies to seize the gear reducer, especially for large hard surface reducer, and in low-power gear to meet market demand.
                              From the development of enterprises in the industry, in recent years, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province rapid development of private enterprises has become a vital force in the industry. In addition, Zibo, Shandong Province, the region is also a lot of gear manufacturers. Some of the fast development of private enterprises, after the completion of the primitive accumulation, growing. They closely follow the market changes, timely adjustment of product structure, product quality requirements are also rising. In order to enhance their competitiveness, they increase the purchase of test equipment, laboratory equipment and to expand the plant's capital investment, the level of processing capacity and technology to improve soon, as well as training and the introduction of talent, companies have begun to standardization direction.

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