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                              Wind gear transmission parts orders can be directed to full production
                              Publisher:網站管理員 Time:2011/8/17 Click times:4335

                              This piece of China's vast land blessed to determine the wind resources in China is necessarily a big country. China's wind energy resources are widely distributed, which is more abundant in areas mainly in the southeast and north coasts and nearby islands (northeast, north, northwest) region, rich in wind energy inland there are also individual points. In addition, the offshore wind energy resources are very rich. China's land 10 meters the amount of wind energy economy can be developed 253 million kilowatts, offshore resources are estimated at three times larger than the land, 10 meters high wind energy economy can be developed about 750 million kilowatts, 50 meters is about 15 million kilowatts.
                              All the positive stimulus in the country under the Chinese fans enterprises from six in 2004 soared to more than 70 now, more than 10 times the number of firms increase; wind power installed capacity from 2002 years ago, 46.8 million kilowatts, the rapid development of the end of 2008 of 12 million kilowatts, an increase of 7 years full 25 times.
                              With the strong rectification of energy saving, after the financial crises of 2009, the wind power industry is ushered in an unprecedented peak, according to Nanjing High Speed ​​& Accurate Gear Group Co., Ltd. Hu Yue-ming, said to the end of next year, Nanjing high Accurate Gear Group wind gear transmission equipment, production capacity will reach 9,000 MW, the corresponding order has been signed, and in 2009 the product order has been packed. Hu said that also said the company is developing large-scale 2.5 MW and 3 MW wind power transmission equipment, material 3 MW wind power transmission equipment research and development will be completed end of 2009, and 2.5 MW wind power transmission equipment in the normal development process , the expected two products will be marketed next year, the gross margin will not fall below existing products. This time to speak, not only destroyed some time ago rumors of wind gear transmission equipment, excess capacity, back to the wind power industry after the crisis has brought confidence.
                              While the hardware industry, the wind power industry as its related industries, and its development is good or bad, will inevitably bring about or suppress the pace of hardware industry. Hu said the statement from the easy to see that 2010 will be an opportunity for the development of hardware industry, hardware industry can get out of the low-priced OEM and disorderly shadow price competition, we see if I can produce high-quality hardware accessories, to independent research and development of new products better.
                              Wind gear transmission equipment in the gear box is an important mechanical components, its main function is to wind round under the action of wind generated power to the generator and its corresponding speed. As the unit installed in the mountains, wilderness, beaches, islands and other outlet, subject to erratic changes in the role of the variable load and a strong gust of wind impact, year-round to withstand extreme heat and cold and temperature, coupled with the natural environment in which the traffic inconvenience, gear box mounted on top of the tower's narrow space, the event of failure, repair is very difficult, so its reliability and service life are made much higher than the average mechanical demands. Therefore, companies wishing hardware accessories directional wind power production, the need for its own production line and technical staff to adjust accordingly, we must change the narrow sense of "affordable" point of view.
                              It is reported that often the wind wheel speed is very low, far less than the required generator speed, gear box gear must be the role of the growth rate achieved, it will be called the growth rate of the gearbox case. According to the general layout of the unit requirements, sometimes with the wind wheel hub directly connected to the drive shaft (commonly known as the axis) into one with the gearbox, there will be a large shaft and gear box are arranged, during which the use of up sleeve or coupling device connection structure. In order to increase the braking capacity of the unit, often in the gear box input or output set to brake, the brake with the tip (given plasma from the wind wheel) or pitch away from the brake transmission co-unit joint for the brake.
                              In addition, the impact of the life of metal parts for many reasons, such as the requirements of the component materials; mechanical properties in addition to normal state, but also should have low temperature characteristics of resistance to cold brittleness, etc.; should ensure smooth gear box, to prevent vibration and shock; to ensure adequate lubrication conditions; on a huge temperature difference between summer and winter areas, to configure the appropriate heating and cooling devices; also set up monitoring points, on the remote control operation and lubrication and so on. Thus, whether the hardware companies have a share depends on the base metal companies themselves how thick the

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