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                              How to reduce processing gear noise reducer
                              Publisher:網站管理員 Time:2011/8/17 Click times:3617

                              Gear industry knows, is a worm gear reducer, especially when the noise is a work of so many gear manufacturers a headache problem. Reduce noise and ensure the stability of running gear quality is the primary condition.
                                   How to achieve this goal, many scholars at home and abroad regard the gear tooth meshing stiffness in the gear changes as a dynamic load, vibration and noise factors. With the modification of the method, dynamic load and speed to minimize fluctuations in order to achieve noise reduction purposes. In practice, this method proved to be a more effective way. But this way, process modification is required on the equipment, the majority of medium and small plants are often not implemented. After years of research, made ​​by optimizing the gear parameters, such as variable coefficient, high coefficient of teeth, pressure angle, center distance, so to minimize the impact velocity into Nie, Nie Nie out into the impact velocity and impact velocity ratio is a value range, reduce or avoid the impact of the gears meshing pitch circle design, can significantly reduce gear noise.

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