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                                Industry dynamics  

                              Reducer type
                              Publisher:網站管理員 Time:2011/9/8 Click times:4006
                                 Reducer is a relatively sophisticated machinery, the use of its purpose is to reduce speed and increase torque.

                                  Reducer of a wide range of different models, different types have different purposes. Transmission can be divided according to the type of gear reducer, worm gear, and planetary gear reducer; can be divided into different series according to drive single and multi-stage reducer; can be divided into cylindrical shape in accordance with gear gear reducer, bevel gear reducer machine and cone - cylinder gear reducer; in accordance with the arrangement of the transmission can be divided into expansion, split and coaxial reducer. The following classification is commonly used gear:

                                   A cycloid reducer

                                   Second, the hardened cylinder gear reducer

                                   Third, the planetary gear reducer

                                   Fourth, the soft tooth surface reducer

                                   Fifth, ring gear

                                   Six cranes reducer

                                   Seven, worm reducer.

                                   Eight, hardened shaft mounted reducer

                                   IX Promise speed machine

                                   Among them, the worm gear is a compact structure, transmission ratio, under certain conditions, the transmission has a mechanical self-locking feature. Hollow shaft worm gear reducer not only has the above characteristics, and ease of installation, reasonable structure, more and more widely used. It is the worm gear reducer input the installation of a helical gear reducer, reducer consisting of multi-level access to a very low output speeds than single-stage worm gear is more efficient, and vibration, noise and energy consumption is low.
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