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                                  Zhuzhou jiuzhou four dimensional industrial Co., LTD. (the original machine company) to create zhuzhou city in 1969, is located in the castle peak around, quiet beautiful zhuzhou xinhua east road, the ministry of railways, DaiGuLing is by the ministry of machinery industry gear designated production enterprise, national medium enterprise, measuring qualified units, won the "top enterprise" economic vitality, China quality association "quality stable qualified enterprise" honorary title.2003 years the company success for the private enterprise restructuring, registered capital of 50 million, the existing staff of nearly 400 people, the millions of yuan capacity.
                                  The company specializing in the production of railway locomotive, engineering machinery, power diesel engine, ROM watts air receivers, ROM watts, machine tools, vacuum pump oil chemical machinery and packaging machinery and other supporting gear, spline shaft, and all kinds of standard than standard transmission;Strong ability to adapt, product specification is complete, product processing range: modulus 0.5 ~ 16 mm diameter, Ф 10 ~ Ф 1500 mm, gears precision of GB10095-88 standard eight-level 4.
                                  I company production of industrial reducer is relying on production nearly 30 years production history of electric locomotive traction gear and market share up to 80% of the ROM watts fan high precision simultaneous gears, beyond the experience for quality, reliability and performance of the highest requirements.Product USES the high quality material, so it used in driver has a higher security, application more conducive to reduce costs, it is easy to assembly, easy to install, simple maintenance.The company also has the self-management import and export power, create conditions for foreign cooperation.
                                  The company in precision mechanical processing, all kinds of heat treatment, precision testing are a complete set of form a complete set of equipment.To ensure that jiuzhou four dimensional industrial company development and production of locomotive transmission gears and light car gearbox to satisfy the needs of the market, the company Marketing Department by area and product variety set up: north, northwest and central China and other seven sales area (sales service), and the corresponding supplementary after-sales service system.Marketing Department colleagues travel outside the perennial, with users of sincere love in time for the user to troubleshoot and service.
                                  In order to improve the quality of products, enhance the ability of the competition in the market, the company has established complete quality control system, the production of every link control effectively, and passed ISO9000 quality system authentication.Our commitment to quality in quality guarantee period anything that happens the quality issue, receipt of the notice, si reply within;Request to send officers to deal with, 48 hours to customer designated location services.
                                  We produce shaoshan 3, shaoshan type 4 electric locomotive traction gear has been appraised as provincial fine-quality products, due to the stable product quality, win the electric locomotive one third of the gear, the main market for electric power JiCheChang, datong JiCheChang zhuzhou, dalian JiCheChang mainly domestic JiCheChang supporting.All new models of datong JiCheChang traction gears are is my company manufacture, dalian''s 120 km/hour hand in ZhiJiao van traction gear is my company, more let we developed the proud is China''s first Taiwan high speed train "day shuttle must, is also our production of traction gear.The company is a manufacturer of precision gears in Japan, Germany through the strict test, get the good foreign experts, domestic main ROM watts evaluation FengJiChang is our client, the product sells the nation 27 provinces and cities over Hong Kong and Macao regions, with host kit and sold all over the world.
                                  Our work idea is to the customer as the center, the center to form around the production system, quality assurance system, sales system of science reasonable system, make our gear, gear reducer with each other, form a whole, thus become at any time to solve difficult problems of transmission foundation.Our service system guarantee our products in the national scope the normal use.
                                  For jiuzhou four dimensional speaking, the most precious wealth is not already have land, buildings, and machines, but into each staff in the blood of the "everything is doing your best, is striving for the top of" the spirit of enterprise and "rapid thoughtful, continued to improve, satisfied the user" the quality policy, she is the support and promote the fundamental cause we move forward.We know we need to overcome difficulties still has a lot of, need to go is still a long way to go, but we on the future of the four dimensional jiuzhou full of confidence!
                                  We sincerely invite friends from various circles to visit our company and guidance, and establish a long-term and friendly relations of cooperation, seek common economic development of the great cause.

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